Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Updating .. arrivals and doll hunting

Well, the woodcraft order that included the fireplace finally arrived. Some of the pieces seem to be a bit large, but most can be fairly easily altered to a smaller scale (like the floor lamp, just needs the stand cut down a little).. and the grandfather clock and fireplace don't look like they'll be too out of place.. have to do some dry-fitting to see.

Have been trying to hunt down "playable" dolls for the house. The family of 1/2 inch scale dolls, or, really, all the dolls I've found are non-posable. I tried some of the mini dolls my daughter has laying around... somehow I've managed to keep her from suspecting - I think - by "borrowing" a doll or two overnight and returning them to her in the morning. The only ones I found that are a really close fit are the "playmobil" dolls - although their buns (the adults) are abit big for some of the chairs. Keeping them in mind and continuing to hunt...

Just posted the pictures from the first major bit of painting and stuff this past weekend. I added them to the post, probably all out of order, but the thought is there. Also added a picture of the "stock" photo of the finished house to the introduction page.

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