Saturday, January 17, 2009

Plans and Sanding

Well then.... after a mostly sleepless night filled with ideas and plans for little bitty dollhouse parts... I ended up sleeping in this morning. Went through and dry-fitted the rest of the furniture kit because.. well, putting all those cute little pieces together felt like I was accomplishing something. That, and the scattered boards with half the pieces left in and dry fitted furniture took up all my doll house building board!! So, after putting the little wooden pieces together, cleaning up the random pieces and splinters all over my carpet (they didn't seem to like to stay on the board), and organizing the mini building supplies I had into their discreet hiding spots in my crafting drawers under my desk... I didn't really have the energy to get working on the sanding and prep for the dollhouse. Browsed a local craft store's mini section with my husband, and didn't really see anything of use.. but did get some more colors of acrylic paint, so I'll have some other pastel colors to choose from to decorate the interior. Also found come clear plastic sheets to use as windows for the dollhouse.

The cat has spent most of the day either laying next to my crafting board and randomly knocking over a carefully placed chair or table... or walking over it and knocking as many down as she can. Aparently miniature building gets in the way of her playtime. She seems to be rather annoyed that I took away her new chair playtoys and put them neatly in a box to hide in the closet, and the sheets of dollhouse plywood aren't as much fun. My husband aparently is jealous of my new hobby, and decided he had to get himself a Star Wars model, and a plastic car model to build.. and has been busily gluing things together and mostly ignoring me. (with any luck he won't read this blog anytime soon.. haha!)

Well, tomorrow is another day, and my daughter probably won't be home until late, so I should be able to do some actual dollhouse work tomorrow. Actually having an idea of what furniture I have will help on deciding color schemes for the painting as I build as well, so that's good. I will probably alternate between working on the house and the furniture, because I think I'll paint and finish the furniture to match each room's decor, so the rooms will need to be done first.

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