Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well, last Wednesday (I posted this the 9th, but dated it wednesday) we got hit with a lovely blizzard-style storm, the likes of which I haven't seen in this area in quite a while. My husband was at work when it hit, so my daughter and I spent a lot of time looking out the window and worrying about him getting home. When it started we already had a good six inches of snow on the ground, which didn't help matters. The pictures are taken out my deck window, and show a neat timeline of the storm, so I figured I would post them.

By this point in the storm, we weren't really worried about my husband coming home, and a snapped a picture of my daughter doing her schoolwork on my atrocious-colored couch (hey it was free!). The cat had decided the sun really was not coming out for her, and the floor by the window, or her cat tower, was too cold, so she retreated to my room... and buried herself in the comforter. She seemed rather happy in her "comforter cave", and VERY unhappy to get bothered, as evidenced by the look on her face.
My daughter then decided she wanted to work in front of the window so she could see the storm better - you can see what's already accumulated on the deck (which is partially protected, and was completely bare at the beginning... that's just what was drifting onto it).
Here's where the storm started getting more interesting.. these pictures were taken less than an hour after the first ones, and as you can see... the landscape and cars are utterly covered.
Half an hour later, you can actually start seeing snowflakes in the pictures... it seems to be awfully hard to take pictures in the snow with a good camera, most the time the flakes are moving too fast to catch, visibility has to be really very low to actually see the snow coming down.

I realise this last picture is horribly dark, but it is a cute silhouette of my daughter and the cat waiting for my husband to get home. By this point in the storm, he'd left work a little early, and we were quite worried about him getting home. Aparently that worry translated to the cat, because if you look closely you can see her lurking on the tower right by the window, waiting for him to arrive home as well.

He got home alright, but was not able to go to work the next day.. so I got no time to work on miniatures then, either.

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