Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finally... back to work on the house!

I finally managed to steal some time to work on the house again. After spending most of the afternoon putting up my daughter's new blinds, I basically locked myself in my bedroom, and spread crafting stuff all over the floor... and gaurded the door from my daughter fiercely. My hubby helped on the door guarding duty, and the house and it's build is still a suprise. I didn't take the pictures until after the evening's crafting, so it isn't an as-I-go thing, but they still show pretty much what was done.

First, I finished sanding the other piece I needed for the first framework build, and put a coat of white acrylic on it as a primer. Then, while that was drying, I got out the polycrylic I bought, and put two coats of it on the hardwood flooring. You can see in this first picture by the flash glare that it made it a lovely color, and made it nice and shiny and sealed. I also put two coats on one side of the inside window trim to give it a slight shine. I figured there was no good reason to gloss the other side, as it will need to adhere with the glue to the wall. I also painted the outside of the two walls (now that the second one's primer was dry) the light pink color I had planned. It took 2-3 coats until I was satisfied with color and coverage. The ground floor room of both inside walls was painted the darker pink accent color I picked. I also painted the ground floor room walls of the room divider. The dark pink took 3 coats to get it even slightly the right coverage, but the color definitely works out. I also glued on the inside window trim for one of the downstairs windows, and weighed it down for quite a while to make sure it was secure.

It doesn't appear by the pictures that I did a whole lot, however, all that took a few hours to get just right, so I do feel like I'm finally getting somewhere on the project... or at least the pile of wood in my closet is getting more colorful. *hehe*

As for a picture of my daughter's new blinds, that will have to wait until Monday, because it's too dark to get a good picture of them.

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